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These are not your parents tolls of 25 cents into the basket. The cost for these tolls from Mooresville to Charlotte could cost $5.00, $6.50 and up to $16.00 or more each way. More »


About That Confidential Information

At our meeting last week we raised two issues regarding personal data.  First was the breath of information that could be collected, including SSN’s and medical data. Second was that the private company- Cintra- could be collecting it. Last Friday the NCDOT disputed both issues.  In a strongly worded (and widely reported) statement, they said:

WI77 to hold public meeting on I-77 tolls

From our press release today.  Please share with your friends and neighbors. Cornelius, N.C. – July 9, 2014 – Widen I-77 will be presenting their analysis of recently released information for the proposed I-77 High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lane project. The presentation will also cover opportunities for public involvement.  I-77 Tolls: What Do We Do

Applying Last Night’s Logic…

Most of our blog posts deal with information and news, but occasionally an opportunity for satire arises that I just can’t resist.  That opportunity presented itself last night when the NCDOT gave an update to the Cornelius town board on the I-77 tolling project. A good portion of the presentation was the same justifications for

Despite Concerns, NCDOT Signs Contract

Following is our press release regarding NCDOT’s decision to complete the commercial close of the contract: Cornelius, N.C. – June 26, 2014 – Despite serious questions surrounding the viability and effectiveness of the proposed toll lanes on interstate 77, the NCDOT closed the commercial portion of the contract today.  The NCDOT and Cintra, a Spanish firm

NCDOT Officials at July 7th Cornelius Town Board Meeting

Rodger Rochelle, NCDOT’s Director of Technical Services and Bill Thunberg, Executive Director of the Lake Norman Transportation Commission (LNTC) are scheduled to discuss the I-77 toll lane issue with the Cornelius Town Board on Monday, July 7th, during their regularly scheduled meeting at 7pm. Rochelle and Thunberg are proponents of the I-77 toll lane project.


UPDATE 6/11: Eliminated duplicate chart; added links below to source documents In early April the NCDOT announced they had selected Cintra, a Spanish company, as the contractor for the I-77 toll lane project. (As it turns out, the Cintra bid was the only one received.) Under the terms of the contract, NCDOT will donate the

Secret Government: In NC, It’s Legal

Next month the NCDOT is scheduled to sign a 50 year contract with a private company to add toll lanes to I-77 through Lake Norman.  As we’ve reported previously, the public knows almost nothing about this plan.  We don’t know:  Where drivers can access the toll lanes. Will they bypass Cornelius or Huntersville (probably not)?

And Then There Was One…

After three weeks of cajoling the NCDOT with a FOIA request, and a couple calls to the NC Attorney Generals office, I finally got a response about who actually bid on the toll lane contract.  I received a cut and paste of a carefully worded statement.  Here it is (emphasis added): Four potential bidders were

Out of Four Bidders, Successful One is Sole ALEC Member

In 2011, Speaker Thom Tillis was named ALEC’s “Legislator of the Year.” The membership of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is composed of private companies and legislators with the goal of promoting “limited government, free markets, and federalism” according to their website. In reality they craft model legislation for, among other things, public-private partnerships (P3’s)

NCDOT Press Release

A sad day for our grandchildren…. https://apps.ncdot.gov/NewsReleases/details.aspx?r=9720