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How Cintra Makes Money

Editors note: the following has been sent to certain elected officials at the state level. It is based on publicly available information. I-77 Managed Lanes Project: North Carolina Liability & Developer Profit Summary If the I-77 managed lane project is built North Carolina taxpayers will pay $540 million in capital costs, operating subsidies and Developer

Help Eliminate the Governor’s Excuse

Now that the LKN towns, counties and businesses have voiced their opposition to the I-77 toll plan, Governor McCrory and NCDOT’s insistence on the project hangs off a single excuse: two years ago the regional planning board (Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization) voted for tolls. Through the end of July you can help eliminate that

UPDATE: NC Senate takes dead aim against Widen I-77

UPDATE July 2 The Senate today passed an amended version narrowing the awarding of attorney fees to lawsuits “based on environmental impact.”   Our case is not based on environmental impact, so the law does not apply to us. For those that emailed and called your legislators, thank you. For the Senators that made the

LKN Chamber: Cancel the Toll Contract

The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce today released a resolution requesting “the planned 50 year toll contract for I-77 between NCDOT and I-77 Mobility Partners be terminated by NCDOT and the widening of I-77 with general purpose lanes begin as soon as reasonably possible.” A couple of weeks ago the CoC sent out a survey

Huntersville: Widen I-77 tells “outright lies”

At tonight’s board meeting in Huntersville a packed house witnessed the bizarre spectacle of a majority of Commissioners and the Mayor venting their hatred of a citizen’s group. Perhaps no charge was more damning (as well as flat wrong) than Commissioner Sarah MacAulay’s accusation that Widen I-77 members are “accepting private and public donations” so

Toll Lane Construction Won’t Start Until 2016

The real news at last night’s Davidson town board meeting wasn’t the meaningless resolution they passed.  After listening to NCDOT for almost two hours, the board adopted a resolution asking NCDOT to pursue “fair” ways of widening I-77. Disappointing as that was, with Commissioners Brian Jenest and Rodney Graham both strongly pro-toll it was not

Instead of Protest this Fri, Come to Bark N’ Brew Event!

About three weeks ago Widen I-77, working with other community groups and citizens, began looking for a follow-up protest to the successful Exit 28 event. We decided a protest this Friday would make the most sense because Governor McCrory would be in town. Since then there has been a sea change in public outcry and

Statement on Project Financing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE email: I-77 TOLL PROJECT FINANCING APPROVED; STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FAIL TO PROTECT TAXPAYER Cornelius, N.C. – May 20, 2015 –  Widen I-77 has learned state and federal agencies have approved $189 million in federally-backed loans for the private toll lane project on I-77 through the Lake Norman region. The project


Widen I-77 expresses their condolences to the family and friends of Mooresville Commissioner Mac Herring, who passed away suddenly yesterday, May 19, 2015.  He was 52. The day prior the town voted on a resolution concerning the I-77 toll lanes. Herring was first elected in 2005 and served as Mayor pro-tem from 2011- 2013.

If you send only one email in the next 48 hours…

…it needs to be to Charlotte City Councilwoman Vi Lyles. You may recall last week Governor McCrory said he would not delay the I-77 toll project. His main reason was the prior support of the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO). In a stunning development, CRTPO is considering resolution against I-77 tolls this Wednesday! If