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Feds: Tell Us What You Think of CRTPO

At yesterday’s  toll summit the NCDOT repeated the Governor’s mantra: he won’t cancel the contract unless the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) directs him to. Charlotte’s lone delegate counts for 46% of the CRTPO vote, so Charlotte decides on 50 years of tolls through Lake Norman…and Charlotte didn’t even bother to attend the meeting. Clearly, CRTPO is broken but they’ve

The Case

Last Friday we filed our Motion for Summary Judgment.  Here are the relevant documents: Plaintiff’s Motion (a short statement that documents what we are requesting of the court): 2015-11-13 Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment Legal brief (the bulk of evidence supporting our motion): 2015-11-13 Brief in Support of Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment and in

“I-77 Toll Summit”: how you can help

By now you might have heard that an “I-77 Toll Summit” is scheduled for sometime next week. Every Mayor (or Mayor-elect) and top vote-getting commissioner from Charlotte to Mooresville has been invited to meet with Governor McCrory to discuss cancelling the I-77 toll project.  The entire Mecklenburg/Iredell state delegation will be on hand as well.

Comment on Election Results

We’ve had a number of requests to comment and analyze the results of Tuesday’s election, but quite frankly right now we’re focused on our upcoming lawsuit.  So just a quick note here: The results of the election speak for themselves. We congratulate the winners and look forward to working with them in the weeks and

Internal NCDOT estimate: project complete in 2019, publicly announce 2018

After we published our whitepaper in June 2015, NCDOT responded with a point-by-point defense they sanctimoniously titled “Correcting Project Misinformation.” One of the things they objected to was our challenging their publicly stated completion date of 2018: Apparently NCDOT doesn’t read their own progress reports, because back in February their project status showed a completion date

I-77 Lawsuit Hearing Set For January 8, 2016

Cornelius, N.C. – (October 6, 2015) – Widen I-77’s legal team has agreed to key milestones for their lawsuit against the I-77 private toll lane project. The project calls for Cintra, the parent company of I-77 Mobility Partners, to build private toll lanes on the remaining public right-of-way and to operate them under an exclusive

Just when you thought CRTPO was going to do the right thing….

When the Technical Coordinating Committee recommends a vote to CRTPO, it’s usually a fait accompli: perfunctory, box checking, zero drama. Usually, unless it has to do with I-77 tolls. Two weeks ago we reported CRTPO was poised to approve a project list at their next meeting. That list included a general purpose lane project, a

Toll Lane Thickness Half of GP Lanes

The I-77 toll lanes will be constructed with about half the thickness of standard general purpose lanes.  According to the contract between NCDOT and Cintra, the general purpose lanes are currently 32 inches thick, including an aggregate base course and a subgrade.  In contrast, the toll lanes will be 17 inches thick, with no subgrade.

Plan B

Update: We received this from CRTPO Secretary Robert Cook: An article on your website entitled “Plan B” regarding the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) contains incorrect information. The CRTPO does not have a draft 2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) out for public comment. Feedback is being sought on projects to be submitted to the

Writing the intent of the law out of the contract

Let’s say you make $91K per year. You’ve just ticked over into the 28% income tax bracket and you’ve got to mail the IRS a hefty check. But all of a sudden the IRS does you a huge favor: they raise the tax bracket.  In fact, they raise it by a factor of a thousand.