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The Day Before Our Day In Court

You probably heard we spent the day in court yesterday pressing our case for a preliminary injunction.  The decision can go one of three ways: The judge grants the preliminary injunction The judge denies the preliminary injunction, in which instance the case can still move forward The judges throw the case out. The key words

Invitation to Court Hearing on Tuesday

Dear Widen I77 Friends and Supporters; We are approaching a major milestone in our efforts to Widen I-77 without tolls. Our complaint is scheduled to be heard this coming Tuesday, March 3 at the Alamance County Historic Courthouse, 212 W. Elm St. in Graham, N.C. at 9:30 a.m. by The Honorable W. Osmand Smith, III

Let’s Finish the Fight to Stop I-77 Tolls!

Thanks to all of the generous donors who have contributed to our legal battle to stop the unfair and needless tolling of I-77 in Lake Norman!  We are making progress but need your help to finish the fight!  Here is what is happening: WidenI77.Org has: Raised more than $30,000 and filed an injunction to stop the P3

Feb 17 Town Hall POSTPONED

Our Feb 17 Town Hall meeting is POSTPONED due to inclement weather to next Tuesday. Feb 24 7pm Charles Mack Center Mooresville

NCDOT & Cintra extend financing deadline at taxpayer expense

Last week NCDOT and Cintra  extended the financial close deadline for the I-77 toll lane project by amending the tolling contract.  Under the original terms Cintra was required to secure financing by January 22, 2015 or forfeit a $15 million security deposit to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The original terms also allowed

Yes, We Did

We’ve been quiet, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy: This morning we filed suit in Mecklenburg Superior Court to stop the I-77 toll lane project. The complaint contains twelve separate counts.  I’ll talk about the two that I can most easily grasp and articulate. First, the current plan converts a stretch of an

Goliath Introduces Himself

Cintra, you may have heard, is a huge multinational corporation with over $70 billion in assets under their control. They are a goliath in the private tolling industry. Well, earlier this week Goliath introduced himself to Widen I-77. Actually, Goliath’s twin brothers did. They’re both lawyers. Parker Poe, a downtown Charlotte law firm with 200+

Signing a Contract with a Shell Corporation

In a recent article by the John Locke Foundation, NCDOT and Cintra officials assure us that Cintra’s recent bankruptcies will not affect their ability to obtain financing for I-77 toll lanes. “Each of Cintra’s projects is wholly independent, with an isolated, non-recourse structure that ensures that the performance of one project never impacts” any of

Bastiat on P3 Tolls

Bastiat on Public-Private Partnerships Frederic Bastiat was a 19th Century French economist and philosopher. One of his most famous essays, That Which Is Seen, That Which Is Not Seen, discusses the long term implications of economic decisions. He uses the example of a hypothetical shopkeeper (“James”) whose front window has been broken by his careless

WidenI77 Retains Legal Counsel

Widen I-77, a citizens group opposed to private toll lanes along Interstate 77 through the Lake Norman region, retained legal counsel yesterday for the purposes of seeking a possible injunction against the project. The first phase of the study will assess potential legal strategies and determine which are the most viable. Due to the publicity