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“By the Numbers” Pt 1: Cintra’s Toll Estimates

Part One of a four-part series analyzing Cintra’s and NCDOT’s public claims using their own numbers. A funny thing happens when a company applies for a public loan: they have to make their loan application public. That’s how we discovered Cintra’s toll estimates and traffic projections. You may recall earlier we published a consultant’s estimate.

Justice Department Investigating Cintra

Widen I-77 recently obtained a copy of an Investigative Demand of the NC Department of Justice to I-77 Mobility Partners, the wholly owned subsidiary of Cintra. An investigative demand is an order from a law enforcement agency requiring the requestee to produce materials as part of a legal investigation. The demand was sent on Dec

Mooresville Board, It’s Not 2013

In defense of their pro-toll vote last week some Mooresville commissioners offered up excuses we haven’t heard since 2013. It’s been a while since we’ve had to go into “clarifying” mode, and we thought we won the “misinformation” battle last November, but apparently the folks in South Iredell didn’t get the message. As has become

Mooresville Supports I-77 Tolls

UPDATE: David Coble, not Bobby Compton, put forth the motion we described below. We had the right email but wrong name.  Compton has been an anti-toll supporter.  Widen I-77 regrets the error.   We saw again tonight CRTPO is hopeless. Mooresville, however, has no excuse. The northern most community affected by the toll project, Mooresville

Charlotte Punts

By a 7-4 margin, tonight Charlotte voted to affirm managed lanes as a strategy but… in an important qualifier, take no position on the I-77 contract.  On the issue that drove the entire discussion, they punted. That’s clearly a disappointment, but it’s certainly better than them affirming managed lanes including I-77. Of course, the entire

New Penalty Estimate: Cintra’s Dream Scenario

Early last week, NCDOT released an analysis of the cancellation penalties. Unfortunately, the headlines have dutifully blared the cancellation penalty could be as high as $300M. Like so many other “independent analyses”, a look past the headline yields a different result. Consultant’s Independence Questionable The analysis was performed by Clary Consulting, headed by a Mr. Lowell

Next Steps

Yesterday Judge Osmond Smith III denied our Motion for Summary Judgment, stating that it was not the position of the court to decide if a project was good or bad, but that such decisions should reside in the legislative and political arenas. We are obviously disappointed with his decision. Judge Smith’s decision seemed to echo

UPDATE 1/7 Widen I-77 Files Motion to Stay

UPDATE: Judge Smith will hear our Motion to Stay as the first order of business tomorrow. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PLANS TO BE IN COURT TOMORROW. Same time and place. If the motion is denied, oral arguments will proceed as originally scheduled. Mecklenburg County Courthouse 832 East Fourth Street Charlotte, NC Courtroom 6170 10am, January 8,

McCrory: LKN could pay if contract cancelled

Today we received a copy of a letter Governor McCrory sent to the new chairs of CRTPO.  (You may recall the previous chair, Commissioner Sarah McAulay, is neither chair nor commissioner as of last week.) The letter requests CRTPO  make  a decision on cancelling the I-77 toll project by their next meeting.  It contains one

Cintra’s Rebuttal

“Having lost repeatedly in the legislative and electoral arenas, a group of disgruntled individuals seeks to scrap the democratic process and obtain a judicial veto over decisions of duly elected and appointed representatives.” That’s how Cintra begins their rebuttal.  Here are the relevant documents: 15 1204 Defendant I-77 Mobility Partners LLC’s Motion to Strike Plaintif…