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Cintra Begins Construction Without Required Permit

Widen I-77 has come into possession of an NCDOT memo requesting approval from the Lake Norman Maritime Commission for the I-77 toll project.  Construction over (or even near) Lake Norman apparently requires a byzantine approval process of 13 government agencies, and the project’s northern segment crosses Lake Norman over two causeways. It looks like Cintra

Toll Cancellation Bill Could Die in the Senate, Unless…

Even as toll cancellation bill HB954 gains bipartisan support in the House, as it stands right now it looks like it may die in the Senate.  The Senate has zero plans to vote on the matter, and even worse the bill is not even scheduled to go into committee. Word has it the NCDOT is

Journalism at Its Yellowist

For years now we haven’t responded to the steady stream of pro-toll prose from the Lake Norman Citizen. When they editorialized we should be “put in timeout” we said nothing. When they published our portraits with fake potty humor quotes as their April Fool’s “joke” we declined to step into their gutter. Even when they

Will I-77 Tolls Kill Democracy?

Can you imagine a foreign company shelling out enough on lobbyists to subvert the will of the people? It’s happening right now. Last week Cintra’s team of lobbyists descended on Raleigh. You read that right. According to our source, Cintra has a team of “well-placed, well-connected” lobbyists working the legislature to defeat the toll cancellation bill. So how

Two Huge, Positive Developments

Today we learned that a NC House bill to cancel the contract, HB 954, now has 22 sponsors! These are representatives who have already indicated their support for this bill. This number is up from 8 just a day ago. The magic number is 61 votes (not necessarily sponsors), so we are well on our

Let’s Gather Together Again

A year ago the citizens of this region joined together and met on the Exit 28 bridge  in an unprecedented show of solidarity. At the time not a single town or county board was on record as being against the toll project. We’ve come a long ways. In light of that one year anniversary, we’re

A Message for Today

So a lot of people have been asking what’s up with the fight on I-77 tolls. If you’ve followed the news recently you know our cause has been put on hold because we are suddenly faced with an existential threat. Not since General Beauregard loosed his cannons on Ft Sumter has the South faced a

Feds: CRTPO is A-OK

If a federal board reviewed the public input process of an organization that just ignored a thousand written public comments, do you think they would find any problems? Nah. That’s what just happened when the Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) reviewed the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO). According to federal law, every four years Metropolitan

NCDOT Heading to TX to Investigate Latest Cintra Bankruptcy

NCDOT issued the following press release today: NCDOT Statement on SH 130 Tollway Bankruptcy in Texas Raleigh – “Late today, we were notified of the bankruptcy filing in Texas. The governor has directed us to immediately review every available option – both legal and financial – to reassess the I-77 Mobility Partner’s business model and current contract.

“By the Numbers” Pt 2: Cintra’s Annual Toll Revenues

Part Two of a four-part series analyzing Cintra’s and NCDOT’s public claims using their own numbers. In Part One we discussed Cintra’s projected toll rates. In this installment, we’ll look at how that translates into annual toll revenues. Fully Ramped Revenues Top $30M The chart below shows Cintra’s estimate for annual toll revenues for the