Lake Norman Area Municipalities

(Note: This is a listing of officials from 2013.  Some may have not run and/or been replaced since.  We will update the list if/when we need to call for action in the future)

Choose “Elected Officials” for downloadable excel list of all elected officials and copy/paste email lists.

The list shows each individual’s position based on response to requests, or as quoted in major news media.  To date there have been multiple requests made of all listed elected officials.  Summary of the positions captured:

Name                                Position on I-77 GP Lanes


Cornelius Town Board

1 MUMPO Vote Board Directed

Lynette Rinker (Mayor) Cast deciding vote in favor of HOT lanes.
Chuck Travis        Voted in favor of HOT lanes (Town & MUMPO)
John Bradford      Voted in favor of HOT lanes
Jeff Hare            Supports finding alternatives to HOT Lanes
Dave Gilroy       Supports finding alternatives to HOT Lanes


Davidson Town Board

1 MUMPO Vote Board Directed

.John Woods (Mayor)  Voted in favor of HOT lanes
Brian Jenest               Voted in favor of HOT lanes (Town & MUMPO)
Rodney Graham         Voted in favor of HOT lanes
Connie Wessner        Voted in favor of HOT lanes
Jim Fuller                    Voted in favor of HOT lanes
Laurie Venzon             Voted in favor of HOT lanes

HuntersvilleHuntersville Town Board
2 MUMPO Votes NOT Board Directed


Jill Swain (Mayor)      Stated: “Gathering information”  Reported in Lake Norman Citizen – A panelist in NYC “Making P3′s Work in Transit” at the P3 Transport Finance Investors Forum —- Information Gathered?
Sarah McAulay          Voted in favor of HOT lanes @ MUMPO and actively stifled opposition ……….viewpoint multiple occasions
Charles Guignard      No response – position unknown
Melinda Bales         Supports finding alternatives
Ron Julian               “Working to seek alternatives”
Danny Phillips         Does not support HOT lanes
Bill Coxe                   Huntersville Transportation Planner. HOT Lane Champion


Iredell County Commission

Currently not a MUMPO Voting Member

Ken Robertson        Supports widening w/GP lanes
Marvin Norman        Supports widening w/GP lanes
Steve Johnson        Supports widening w/GP lanes
Renee Griffith          Supports widening w/GP lanes
David Boone            Supports widening w/GP lanes

LNTCAs a group supports HOT Lanes. Many members are employees of the governing bodies and not elected officials.

Not a MUMPO Voting Member.  The membership is:
Bill Thunberg         Executive Director LNTC    Advocates HOT Lanes
Chuck Travis         Cornelius (elected)
………. Voted in favor of HOT lanes (Town & MUMPO)
Brian Jenest          Davidson (elected)
………. Voted in favor of HOT lanes (Town & MUMPO)
Andrew Grant       Cornelius Asst. Town Manager (non-elected)
Leamon Brice       Davidson Town Manager (non-elected)
Greg Ferguson     Huntersville Town Manager (non-elected)
Erskine Smith       Mooresville Town Manager (non-elected)
Bill Russell       President Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce
……….Widen ASAP – P3 or GP
Karen Shore        President South Iredell Chamber of Commerce
Mitch Abraham    Past Commissioner (elected) Mooresville


Mooresville Town Board

Currently not a MUMPO Voting Member

Miles Atkins (Mayor)     No response – position unknown
Eddie Dingler               No response – position unknown
Thurman Houston       No response – position unknown
Mac Herring                 No response – position unknown
Lisa Qualls                  No response – position unknown
Bobby Compton          No response – position unknown
Rhett Dusenbury        No response – position unknown

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