Invitation to Court Hearing on Tuesday

Dear Widen I77 Friends and Supporters;

We are approaching a major milestone in our efforts to Widen I-77 without tolls. Our complaint is scheduled to be heard this coming Tuesday, March 3 at the Alamance County Historic Courthouse, 212 W. Elm St. in Graham, N.C. at 9:30 a.m. by The Honorable W. Osmand Smith, III – Senior Resident Superior Court Judge in Judicial District 9A.

We would like to make a strong showing Tuesday in the courtroom. A group of us will leave from several locations in the Lake Norman area around 7:00 a.m. and travel to Graham in carpools or caravans. The hearing should be over by 1:00 p.m., when we will return.

If you are interested in making the trip with us, please respond via e-mail to: or call Vince Winegardner at: 704 965 4411 or Mark Gibbons at: 704 340 5544.

Together we have accomplished so much. Finishing this fight will require more funds and more help to move forward. Please spread the word by encouraging your friends, neighbors, co-workers and families to visit to learn about the issue and to make a tax deductible contribution. They can also mail a check to:

WidenI77 PO Box 792

Cornelius, N.C. 28031-0792

We hope to see you on Tuesday and at many other events as our case moves forward.


Your Widen I77 Team

4 Responses to Invitation to Court Hearing on Tuesday

  1. Connie Evans says:

    Love your prompt organizational skills and dedication. We all know TOLLS ARE THE WRONG WAY and appreciate the collective efforts of so many who trust your leadership and wisdom. Thank you.

  2. Joe says:

    I hope you are thrown out of court and the toll roads get going ASAP.

  3. Adhia says:

    The station was built for four car trinas, but the northbound platform is about 6 cars long because there’s a signal for southbound trinas part way along it.Normal northbound trinas stop at the south end next to the station building, while trinas heading south (either northbound trinas reversing, or southbound trinas running wrong line) need to stop at the north end of the platform, so the cab at the south end of the train is north of the signal.It has passive provision for 8 car trinas – the emergency escape footbridge at the north end of the station is a long way from the end of the platforms, with footpaths alongside the track.

  4. […] his law license on August 7. For his contempt of court conviction Judge Osmond Smith III (remember him?) sentenced Nifong to one day in jail which he served on September 7th. He also paid $1000 as part […]

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