If you send only one email in the next 48 hours…

…it needs to be to Charlotte City Councilwoman Vi Lyles.

You may recall last week Governor McCrory said he would not delay the I-77 toll project. His main reason was the prior support of the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO).

In a stunning development, CRTPO is considering resolution against I-77 tolls this Wednesday! If it passes, the governor will reconsider.

Lyles is the key vote. Without her support, the resolution fails. Thus far she has been non-committal. That’s why it’s essential you let her know she needs to support this resolution.

Will you email her right now? Because the two minutes you spend now may stop 50 years of tolling later.

[email protected]

Dear Councilwoman Lyles,

I am asking for your support of the I-77 toll resolution proposed by Commissioner Woody Washam. The I-77 project negatively affects Charlotte as well as the Lake Norman area.

Private toll lanes on I-77 in Charlotte:

>Use all of the remaining right-of-way through critical stretches of uptown.
> Create a caste system, where only the wealthy will have access to good infrastructure
>Siphon millions of dollars every year out of our local economy

May I count on your support?


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