Internal NCDOT estimate: project complete in 2019, publicly announce 2018

After we published our whitepaper in June 2015, NCDOT responded with a point-by-point defense they sanctimoniously titled “Correcting Project Misinformation.” One of the things they objected to was our challenging their publicly stated completion date of 2018:


Apparently NCDOT doesn’t read their own progress reports, because back in February their project status showed a completion date of March 2019:


Ignoring their own internal documentation, six weeks after this estimate NCDOT publicly announced the project would be completed in 2018:


We arrived at our 2020 date by taking the publicly announced construction duration (43 months) and adding it to the publicly announced stated start date (Spring 2016).

Who exactly is spreading misinformation?

As far as the liquidated damages of $10,000 per day after January 7, 2019, a proper reading of the contract shows the deadline is July 6, 2019, and can be extended by waiver.

Given that NCDOT granted three deadline waivers and forgave millions of dollars in penalties when Cintra missed their financial close deadline, you’ll pardon our skepticism in believing that NCDOT won’t simply grant another deadline waiver or two. Or three.


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  1. Grant Cutri says:

    The contract requires a $10,000 penalty for every day the completion is extended past the schedule. While this may seem like a lot, on a $760 million dollar contract this is less than one half of one percent per YEAR! I pay a rate ten times this much if I mess a monthly credit card payment!

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