Mooresville Supports I-77 Tolls

UPDATE: David Coble, not Bobby Compton, put forth the motion we described below. We had the right email but wrong name.  Compton has been an anti-toll supporter.  regrets the error.


We saw again tonight CRTPO is hopeless. Mooresville, however, has no excuse.

The northern most community affected by the toll project, Mooresville residents stand to pay the highest tolls or sit in traffic the longest.  Yet the community is almost completely apathetic.  While dozens show up at Cornelius town halls, and Huntersville swept pro-toll candidates out of office, not a single person showed up at last night’s town board meeting.

Maybe they should have.

You’ve no doubt heard of Governor McCrory’s letter conflating  the single I-77 project to include approving the entire “managed lanes strategy.”  He wanted CRTPO to vote to approve the entire strategy, thereby giving tacit approval to the I-77 project.

Mooresville went even further.  Last night they voted not a single project, not a managed lane strategy, but to approve the entire strategic plan for the entire region.  The vote was neither requested nor necessary.  The rationalization in voting for it was the same old fear-mongering: vote “no” on this and you jeopardize “$172 MILLION in desperately needed road improvements in and around Mooresville, including the widening of Hwy 150.”

What garbage.

The motion was requested and seconded by Commissioners Lisa Quall and David Coble.

Mooresville needs to join with the rest of Lake Norman.  We need to be united.  These two Commissioners need to hear that message. Won’t you email them today?

[email protected]

[email protected]

SUBJECT: Your Pro-Toll Gamesmanship

I am contacting you to express my dissatisfaction with your pro-toll vote last night (January 19th).  You unnecessarily conflated the issue to contrive an outcome, and have taken a position at odds with the overwhelming majority of Lake Norman residents. At a time when the region needed to come together, you chose to sow division.  At a time when Mooresville residents needed your leadership, you resorted to political gamesmanship.

Your actions will not soon be forgotten.






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