Are you looking for the best probiotics available in the market to help you take care of your health? Keep reading as our experts have compiled the best probiotics available this year in the market and present them with all their characteristics.

Top 10 Probiotic Supplement

What are probiotic supplements? Examples

The probiotic supplements are prepared, generally in the form of tablets, capsules, sachets or ampoules containing such bacteria or beneficial microorganisms for our health.

So, if we want to take care of our intestinal environment, do we have to go to the pharmacy to buy probiotic supplements? Absolutely not. It is possible, and it is also the best way to do it, to take probiotics through food.

The probiotic supplements commonly found on the market in these formats do not involve a large contribution of microorganisms, their function is not entirely clear in many cases and the sale price is usually quite high in relation to this contribution. However, probiotic foods do constitute a remarkable and valuable contribution of bacteria (billions of them), in addition to the nutritional, and their effects on the intestinal environment are immediate.

Where to find probiotic supplements?

In pharmacies, we find recognized brands, such as Bivos, Muvagyn, Vsl3 or Pearls, which offer different types of probiotic supplements depending on the specific needs. They are the pharmacy probiotics. We also find probiotic supplements in herbalists or similar establishments, usually in boxes or bottles with different strains for each specific requirement.

However, if you want to introduce probiotics in your day to day, without a doubt, it is best to opt for probiotic foods. In previous posts, we list some of the most common: yogurt, pickles, raw cheese, kefir (milk or water, such as ProKey), sauerkraut (or fermented cabbage), miso, tempeh, kombucha, and kvas.

Benefits of taking probiotic supplements

The probiotics provide many benefits to our body, among which are: improving the intestinal flora, digestion, and intestinal transit, and strengthening the immune system. But what specific benefits are attributed to probiotic supplements? We found five highlights:

  1. Restore and maintain intestinal flora

There are links between imbalances in the composition of the microbiota and the appearance of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes or obesity, autoimmune diseases, such as asthma, and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Well, certain prepared probiotic supplements have been shown to be effective in the treatment of some of these diseases, including inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

  1. In babies and children

The probiotic food supplements are used for treating colic in infants and diarrhea and infantile gastroenteritis. They must always be prescribed by a pediatrician.

  1. Vaginal infections

Infections such as candidiasis or bacterial vaginosis are caused by imbalances in the vaginal flora, in turn, due to several factors: antibiotics (described in the next section), contraceptives, stress, etc. In these cases, probiotics act by restoring vaginal health and normal pH level and avoiding common complaints in the area.

  1. Treatment with antibiotics

When our immune system is weakened, as is the case when antibiotic treatment is followed, diarrhea or fungal infections are common. It happens because antibiotics attack harmful bacteria, but in their fight, they also eliminate beneficial bacteria. It is advisable to take probiotics to prevent such side effects.

  1. Eliminate harmful bacteria, toxins, and gases

It is recommended to take probiotic charcoal as a supplement in case of food poisoning as well as to avoid flatulence, that is, excessive accumulation of intestinal gas, and halitosis, or bad breath caused by intestinal fermentation.

Consume natural probiotics

The probiotics pharmacy or probiotic supplements generalist is not the only or the most convenient option; neither the cheapest one. Better includes probiotics through food.

Natural probiotic foods are characterized by beneficial bacteria that reach our intestine, where they establish and perform positive functions for our body. ProKey, with live kefir cultures, is, therefore, a natural probiotic drink.

Water kefir is ideal if you want to incorporate probiotics into your diet and do it in a natural way; choose your favorite flavor now. We offer you these  organic Prokeydrinks drinks  with several different flavors and soon they will come more like the kombucha:

If you dare to try our probiotic and organic sodas, these are the flavors that we have for sale and that you can buy in the Prokey Drinks Online Store  or order in your herbalist:

  • Prokey Aqua BIO traditional recipe
  • Prokey Mint and Ginger BIO
  • Prokey Hibisco Bio
  • Prokey Coco Bio
  • Cold Brew Kombucha

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