Well, you can get that same dish with a fryer without oil, avoiding all the cumbersome part in the kitchen, and taking care of your health along the way. But how do they do it? The secret is that they cook with hot air, like a convection oven. Thus the heat is distributed evenly and reaches the food without the oil having to function as a driver. With that you put a teaspoon to give flavor and avoid sticking, it is more than enough.

The purists of the chips will tell you that they are not the same as they are made in a pan. But the truth is that with a fryer without oil you can get a flavor and a texture very similar – not identical to the fried of all life, taking much less in the kitchen and gaining health. And not only that: being mini-ovens, most of these appliances allow cooking in several ways: bake, roast, toast … If you learn to take advantage you can make sweet and savory dishes, and discover new and healthy recipes.

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Guide to buy the best fryer without oil

What is a fryer without oil?

A fryer that fries without frying? What prodigy is that? Let’s clarify basic concepts from now on.

It really is not a fryer like the ones you’re used to seeing, with its bucket full of recycled oil and its dripping grid. The truth is that these appliances are a kind of mini-oven capable of browning food to give them the appearance of fried.

Because the truth is that frying is a culinary technique that is difficult to replace, if not impossible.

As you know, frying is cooking a food submerged in fat at high temperature, which gives the external part that nice golden tone that we find so attractive. Our oil-free fryer is capable of reproducing that super appetizing appearance. It is no small thing, we all know to what extent it “eats by the eyes”, valuing the food for its appearance.

It must be recognized that our “frying” without oil does not have exactly the same taste as the original, but in turn, it enhances much more the food in question. With the advantage that it eliminates all the fat. If you put everything in a balance you will see that it compensates, and much, to have a fryer without oil for the day today.

Fry without oil … How do you do it?

Okay, there goes the trick: with air. Although there are variants between some models and others, the technology used has been more or less the same. They emit high temperature air that is distributed throughout the receptacle, a system similar to that of furnaces with fans. A good device will keep the air circulating constantly and quickly.

The food is cooked evenly and – theoretically – there is no need to turn them over to be done everywhere. In practice, our recommendation is that you give it a half-cooked turn, which ensures that the heat is distributed throughout the meal. There are some fryers that already stir the food alone, but if yours does not, put an alarm every 10/15 minutes and do it by hand.

Look, for example, how the most typical food is prepared, in which you are surely thinking: fried potatoes.

As we have recalled, frying, in its traditional sense, is to submerge food in hot fat, while what these fryers do is to cook with hot air a food that you previously have impregnated with a little oil, in a very superficial way. This achieves the characteristic golden aspect without the need to isolate the food in the fat.

That is if you can use some oil, in your hand is how much you want to throw or if you want to do without it completely, although that will greatly reduce the golden color and crispy texture. With a teaspoon is enough for most dishes. Another option is to buy a spray and spray the surface of the food. We do not have to say what you save on fat. In your hand is to limit in more than 80% the oil you use. Not bad, huh?

Why are you interested in a fryer without oil?

Let’s summarize the advantages so that you have them clear at first glance:

Because you want to eat healthily

Your health interests you And to take care of yourself, the first thing is to ensure that your diet is as healthy as possible. Fritters are allowed when you go to your town party and you buy a dozen churros, that is, sporadically, but living with fried foods is an attack against your health, and you know it.

More arguments you will have if, in addition, you are on a diet or you are one of those who has to control cholesterol. There you have nothing to think about.

Because you do not give up-almost anything

With an oil-free fryer, the food has the same appealing appearance, intensifies its flavor and avoids all the damages of frying.

Because you do not want your house to smell like frying

Well, it’s another detail to keep in mind, that the smells are over. That unmistakable fragrant aroma that can be appealing when you go down the street at lunchtime … but so unpleasant when you have it at home. End. Forever. These devices do not leave an odoriferous trace in the environment or if they leave it, it goes with the first current of air thanks to the filters that are incorporated.

Because it’s cleaner than a traditional fryer

If you know the others, you will know that in the best of cases, and doing a lot of cleaning, they end up being a bit of oil, yes or yes. This appliance is easy to clean. Most devices are removable and even have parts that go directly to the dishwasher.

We really promise you that you can keep it clean after each use, which was an impossible mission with the fryers of a lifetime. After scrubbing everything splashes still appeared … is it or is not it?

Because you save energy

Of course, you will spend less than a traditional oven. Study your model, the higher the energy efficiency, the more guaranteed savings.

Because you have little time

The programmer has arrived to save your life . !! Congratulations!! You are already discovering all the possibilities. If your model has a programmer, once you learn to control time and measurements, your life will change radically. And you do not know how much.

Last tips

The truth is that a fryer without oil is an appliance of those that when they enter through the door of home are essential. It takes a time of mutual adaptation, that’s true, try recipes, adjust times … and especially familiarize yourself with a new concept of cooking . But once that is done, when you have mastered the possibilities of your fryer without oil, you are going to take a game that you can not imagine.

You will enjoy some crunchy chicken wings, very tasty tempura and you will taste the fried potatoes without remorse, golden on the outside and tender inside, at their exact point.

And one last tip: as in the case of other famous appliances or robots, there are a lot of fans delighted with their oil-free fryer who collect, invent and share cooking recipes. Apart from that, you get creative when it comes to cooking, it does not hurt to be inspired by the experience of others to compose dishes full of flavor. Like everything, it takes a while to get the point, but once you do it you will know that you have changed your way of cooking forever.


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