To choose the best mattress that guarantees your rest and health of your back you should not only look at the price but in that its properties fit your needs.

The quality of materials is important, but no manufacturer or store will ever admit that their mattresses are bad or uncomfortable.

They all try to sell that their mattresses “guarantee a restful sleep” , “they present an outstanding ergonomics” or “they ensure the correct support for your back” , among other wonders.

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It’s one thing to sleep and another to rest well. We all know what it is to wake up with the feeling that a bus has passed over us: with a sore back, in a bad mood, recovering from bad posture …

Discarding other health problems, it is very possible that the difficulties to recover during the night are due to an inadequate mattress: old and deformed, with the upholstery in unhealthy conditions (that is, with a battalion of mites) or with an irregular firmness.

To choose your new mattress, we recommend that you do not buy foolish and crazy the first offer you see online, tempting as it may be. Choose carefully and, above all, look for what best suits you.

Your mattress is going to be your “bed partner” for the next ten years, so, believe us, you should get it right!

If you are a light person you could go to the firm ones. While if you have more weight, lower firmness will come better.

Grosso modo, we can establish four types of hardness:


They are recommended for very voluminous people or for special cases, for example, an articulated bed for geriatric use or also if the doctor prescribes it for some therapeutic reason. They are not usually, therefore, recommended if there is no reason. The reason is that prolonged use, when not necessary, can lead to back problems.


As its name indicates, the firmness with a greater range of adaptability. For weight in a wide range, recommended for most physical constitutions. If the mattress is of good quality, they must support the weight in the different areas of the body, ensuring the correct position of the column.


In principle, they would only be recommendable for “lightweights”, since if not the pressure on shoulders and hips can end up the happening invoice to us.


We include a section for mattresses with a high degree of adaptability and that can be used by people of any weight. Some brands have developed technologies that regulate the sinking of the body progressively and, therefore, can be comfortable for any user regardless of their physical constitution.


To begin with, it must be said that the spring mattress of your great-aunt’s house, the one in which you notice when you lie down and intuitively avoid it, belongs to another generation.

Spring mattresses, today, are very sophisticated. They come protected and assembled in different ways to ensure a long life without deformation.

In addition, it is rare to find a mattress “only” of springs. The normal thing is that they give structure to the mattress in its central part and they are covered with different layers of foam for greater comfort.

What to choose, with or without? First, if your mattress is articulated (you like to raise your head a little to sleep, or your feet, or both) discard the springs. They are not the appropriate mattresses.


The most normal thing today is that a mattress is made of several layers of different materials, whose combination determines the final result and is in some way what differentiates some houses from others and some qualities from others.

So when we talk about materials the usual thing is that we are going to refer to the core of the mattress, the central part that holds the structure and that gives it its particular characteristics.


It is very flexible and low firmness, which is why it is very common in articulated beds.

It has a nice touch and good adaptability. If you prefer natural materials it may be your choice (as long as you choose a natural latex!).

Its main against is its low breathability, which some manufacturers solve by giving the material specific treatments.

Good ventilation is essential, so it is recommended to use them in beds with slatted beds that allow air circulation.


It is a material developed in the 70s by NASA and widely used today in different sectors. Applied to rest, it offers a medium firmness and very good adaptability.

There are no mattresses made completely with this material because they would be too soft. Typically, it has a viscoelastic layer on the upper part combined with foams of different densities, or even springs, in the center.

We must look at the thickness of that layer and also the density. A mattress of good quality should have a thickness of at least 2-3 cm of visco.

In any case, the viscoelastic foam is responsible for that enveloping sensation when lying on a mattress, because it reacts to body heat, softening, and recovers the shape when it cools.

If you like to “sink” a bit to sleep, and that the surface adapts to your body, pay attention to this material, which also hardly exerts pressure on the skin and is very comfortable.

Some people “tune” their mattress with a viscoelastic topper to make it more comfortable. Is another option.

High Resilience Foams (HR, High Resilience)

They are high-quality foams, prepared to receive pressure and recover their original shape. There are different densities and strengths.

Do not be impressed by the terms. The big brands patent names with which they try to differentiate themselves from the competition, underlining some particular treatment that they give to the materials or adding some extra feature. But beyond the terminologies, the basic materials are what they are.


We are not referring to aesthetics, but to the composition. Notice that it ensures good breathability and some thermal regulation. That is, it expels the heat accumulated by the contact between the body and the mattress, especially if you rest on a thick layer of viscoelastic foam in which you sleep a sunken pellet.

If not, you may have the feeling that you are cooking while you sleep, which is especially unpleasant when the temperatures begin to rise.

Ideally, it should be made of natural materials, such as cotton or wool, although this is obviously something that will affect the price of the mattress.


This is becoming less common, but it is still found. These are mattresses with a winter and summer face. There are even some that rotate longitudinally so that the pressure varies and ages in a balanced way.

We say that in many mattresses you can no longer see this because the different layers are designed to be used in only one position. Some, the highest quality, even have reinforcements in hips and shoulders, so they have only one position of use.

In any case, keep it in mind to fix you at the time of purchase. If you are not a methodical person forget about this, because you will have to put a reminder on the calendar to remember to flip or rotate the mattress every season.


Note that this seems obvious but it is not so obvious. We usually have enough control of the width we need, because it is also conditioned by the available space, whether we sleep alone or as a couple, or the type of mattress we have.

But do not forget to watch the long one. The most usual measure is 1.90, but you can find mattresses of two meters and up to 2.20.

If you are a person of height this is fundamental and, although it seems to be a lie, sometimes you do not even look and go by default. No, you really do not have to sleep with your feet outside the bed.

Another thing is that you like to sleep big for pure pleasure. Check out XL sizes. Do you have room in the room? A 200 × 200 mattress can be a luxury at your fingertips.


One of two: either you buy it in a store or you buy it online.

If you go to a store, we recommend a specialized one in which the person who attends you knows what you are talking about and can advise you well.

Once I give you the information you need to go a little to fixed shot (there is also no need to look at all the mattresses in the store) ask for time.

Imagine that you have planned to go in comfortable clothes because what you have to do is try. And there, without hurry. Lie down and try the sensations. Tour. It rotates again. Put yourself in your most comfortable position to sleep. Give yourself at least ten minutes. Without complex.

Another option that we use more and more is online shopping. Is it possible to hit a mattress without having seen it? Clear. The descriptions are usually very reliable, the opinions of the users give you clues and if you go to a brand that gives you confidence … Well, you have many ballots to get it right.

Even so, you should know that some manufacturers, not all, offer a trial time at home. This already gives you total security: after sleeping a few nights, if you do not convince, you return it without charges and keep looking.


Yes, mattresses have it or should have it. Check it. Some manufacturers are so sure of your product that they will offer you up to 10 years, which is the average time of life of a mattress or at least the standard that is handled in the sector.

Without getting so much, we do not recommend buying a product that does not offer you anything. At least two or three years of guarantee to sleep peacefully (in the most literal sense).


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