If you Want to find out about the best coffee machine to buy? You are in the right place! In order to stay true to the taste and precious aromas of coffee, connoisseurs often go to a built-in coffee maker, commonly known as a coffee bean machine. Specifically, it is a coffee machine that grinds directly coffee beans to extract them later by giving birth to a, particularly fresh drink in flavor and taste. In its operation, the coffee machine is equipped with a grinder that in most cases, offers you to choose from several grinding fineness

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It is also clear that this kind of coffee maker is accompanied by several programs to ensure that the user can customize his drink, or prepare it with ease. Better still, the coffee bean machine is not limited to coffee brewing, but will also diversify the results as it usually comes with a steam nozzle.

How to choose your coffee machine?

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, you’ll easily lose in the choice of your coffee machine.

And for good reason, the list of offers on the market is endless. This is why you will need to investigate a few criteria beforehand to really define the quality of the model that interests you.

This parameter will play both in its ease of use, as the performance itself of the coffee machine grain. To help guide you, here’s a list of criteria you need to take a close look at before buying your built-in coffee maker.

Getting started

Eventually, it is essential that the coffee machine grain is easy both in terms of its use as the various settings that accompany it. On the market, you will be able to easily find sophisticated grain coffee machines with a large and intuitive control panel to facilitate the handling of the product.

Which coffee machine to choose?

In order to make your coffee machine as practical as possible, we recommend you first and foremost to point towards a safe brand that will give you a wide guarantee to reassure the reliability of its products.

In this context, the choice is wide either at Philips, Delonghi, Melitta or Krups. In any case, the best grain coffee machine will be the one that will offer you the maximum options in terms of preparation or maintenance. The fully automated models are also interesting, as they require only minimal intervention on your part.

What are the options of a grain machine?

The offers in terms of integrated grinder coffee makers are modernizing more and more to allow you a multitude of adjustments. Notably, one of the most appreciated by consumers is the possibility of customization as for what, you will be able to adjust the intensity of coffee, the fineness of grind, the temperature of service, or the length of the cup.

In some models of grain coffee machines, you’ll even get a one-touch Cappuccino One-touch function, a steamer or a milk carafe to add the beautiful foam to your cup. The Thermoblock, meanwhile, will allow a rapid rise in temperature and therefore a preparation without waiting time for the hurry.

The icing on the cake, the majority of coffee grinders are accompanied by a program of cleaning, descaling or even automatic rinsing to minimize your intervention.

Why buy a coffee machine?

If you are a lover of the true taste and unmatched scent of coffee, then the choice of a coffee maker is obvious. Indeed, thanks to the fact that it integrates a grinder in its mechanism, it arranges to grind the coffee beans of your choice so that it is full of freshness in its tasting.

Better yet, although this is a model that is usually sold at a fairly expensive price, it will allow you to save money in the long run since coffee beans are much cheaper than pods or capsules. In addition to this aspect, the built-in coffee maker is also recognized by the variety of beverages it is able to prepare. In short, a true technological gem that everything demanding in coffee should acquire.

What are the advantages of coffee beans?

Apart from prioritizing the true taste of coffee, the coffee machine is a sophisticated coffee machine in which the user can customize his drink, with details close to his preferences.

Moreover, in this faculty to always offer the best of your favorite drink, it is a model that can be used at home as well as professional field unless you choose a large reservoir.

More and more modernized, you can even have access to fully automatic or connected grain machines for even more convenience.

What are the drinks that can be made with a coffee machine?

Contrary to perceived ideas, the coffee machine with grain is not just a story of espresso. On the contrary, this coffee machine is usually accompanied by a steam nozzle or a milk carafe to offer you a wide choice of preparations. Here are some ideas to guide you.


The Ristretto is a particularly short espresso and therefore very full-bodied. To get it, you only have to collect the extracted drink in the first 20 seconds, because it will be the smoothest and purest extraction. You can also prepare it using the Doppio + function thanks to its double percolation system.


Eventually, the coffee machine with grain will allow you to prepare your espresso according to your preferences, whether long or short, light or full-bodied, or raised with a creamy froth of milk.


The Americano is a long-type espresso that a grinder coffee maker will prepare easily. To do this, you will only have to mix one-third of espresso with 2/3 of water. Lying so, it is a cup that will be less rich in caffeine but particularly concentrated in taste.


To appreciate the sweetness of a Cappuccino, several coffee machines with grain are accompanied by a touch that is specifically dedicated to it or a steam nozzle. In the latter case, you will only have to froth fresh milk that you must then pour into a more or less full-bodied espresso, to your taste.

Latte coffee

For a good latte, you only need a very strong espresso, 15 cl of hot milk that you need to heat without foaming, and clear glass to enjoy it later. In some models, this option can be obtained with a single key pressed OneTouch function.

Macchiato coffee

A macchiato is prepared using a very tight espresso or ristretto, which must then be covered with ¾ of milk in addition to the mousse that you have prepared using the steam nozzle of your coffee bean machine.



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