In the graphic above, created by the most prestigious laboratory in the world in Antivirus analysis ( AV-Comparatives ), Panda and BitDefender are the only 2 antivirus programs that have been able to block 100% of threats without having a single false positive. Kaspersky has not had a false positive but has not been able to block 1% of the threats. And the latest Symantec results have not been too good.

These tests were conducted in October 2019. Each time that tests are carried out we will update the article, the idea is that you can choose the best antivirus of the moment and always have the updated data to make the best decision.

Top 10 Antivirus

What is the Best Payment Antivirus?

The best antivirus is Panda Global Protection, if we consider protection, impact on performance, performance, and price.

At the moment this is the ranking of the TOP 4 Antivirus in 2019 :

  1. Panda
  2. BitDefender
  3. Kaspersky
  4. McAfee

And of course, any paid Antivirus is much better than the free antivirus version.

What antivirus to buy?

What is the best Antivirus at the moment? – What antivirus to buy? – What antivirus is better? Malware is evolving faster than ever, but, fortunately, the latest generation of antivirus is better equipped than ever to stop new threats. In recent years, the technology used by an antivirus has changed drastically.
A package of Antivirus a few years ago was able to stop known viruses and other types of known malware, but not newly built, they needed to have a virus in their database to recognize it. New antivirus programs are much smarter and work much better.

I have not been able to test all the antivirus on the list, so I went to, which is a well-respected independent security software testing laboratory based in Germany. AV-Test rigorously tests the antivirus of the leading companies in the sector on a monthly basis. So I recommend any Antivirus of the table at the beginning of the article and if the antivirus is on offer, better than better. The tests carried out by AV-Test are based not only on detecting malware using traditional methods (that is, the use of a database of known types of malware), but also on how to block completely new viruses. AV-Test also examines how well an antivirus cleans after an infection has occurred.

2019 antivirus comparison: What is the difference between free antivirus and paid antivirus?

Our tests focus on the best free antivirus and best-paid antivirus. Payment antivirus usually offers better technical support and broader protection features than free antivirus. The secure payment suites go even further, offering firewalls, parental controls, protection against identity theft and much more. With the offers of antivirus, there is, it is advisable to pay 20-30 euros a year and not play it. If you get a virus, even if you have the data properly stored and the bank account protected, it will take time to restore the system to make it clean. Take advantage of the offers in antivirus that every month there is one of the antivirus TOP.


If you want to shield your Windows PC or your Mac or Android device from malware, we’re here to help you choose the right protection.

There is no longer any doubt that antivirus programs should be used. It does not matter if you operate with Windows, Android or MacOS: there is malware designed specifically for your device. (There is even malware for iOS, although there are still no real antivirus programs for this operating system).

But what kind of antivirus should you do? Will you have to pay for it, or are free programs enough? Are anti-malware programs the same as antivirus? Why are there so many different kinds of antivirus, even from the same brand? And is it a risk for computers to use antivirus?

The answers to all these questions are complex, but there are a number of basic tips to follow when contemplating the purchase. And do not forget to take a look at our selection of the best antivirus and applications, both free and paid.

Choose programs with a high rate of malware detection.

It will interest you to make sure that the antivirus stops more than 95% of the malware, be it the most current or the newest and most recent. But make sure that this detection rate is not accompanied by an equally high rate of false positives, which are innocuous files erroneously identified as malware.

According to monthly tests carried out by independent laboratories, Bitdefender, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, and Panda offer the best malware detection rate in antivirus products for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, whether free or paid, followed very closely by Avast and AVG.

There are companies that evaluate the level of detection of antivirus against all these threats that come from the network. The most complete and reliable tests come from independent technological laboratories such as AV-Comparatives, AV-Test, VRML,  Dennis Technology Labs, ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin and West Coast Labs.

Certain details may be too technical, but it is worth looking in these analyzes for the final efficiency percentages that each program has, and, also, we recommend not buying an antivirus without first having made sure that it has the certification of these testing organizations.

Choose programs with specific protection against phishing.

Although the word, so, right off the bat, does not sound very good to us Spanish speakers, the truth is that, unfortunately, it becomes more important year after year. The English term  phishing  can be translated as identity theft and refers to the mere misappropriation of the private information of another person to know their habits (Internet crawlers, spyware ), as well as the use of certain data for criminal purposes, whose The clearest example would be the subtraction of bank passwords or credit cards. So things, the more tools, specific shields against different kinds of phishing, including an antivirus, so much the better.

Free antivirus offers good protection, but the paid ones provide more features.

Some free antivirus will protect your device in an excellent way against malware. But payment products tend to have many more additional features, especially for Windows. For example, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus ($ 25.99 in has integrated protection against ransomware, a file shredder, a secure browser, and a password manager.

However, keep in mind that you will have to pay for an annual subscription to a software license, so you will pay the same price the following year.


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