The pillows or down (Amazon)  are soft, fluffy, fluffy. Ideal for rest of the head and cervical. This type of pillows is durable and moldable so they adapt to different postures and positions of sleep. Feather pillows provide great support. They keep the heat of the body well but at the same time, they are cold when the air is warmer so they are perfect for any season of the year.

Top 10 Down Pillows

What types of Feather Cushions are there?

Feather pillows are very soft, but this softness is largely determined by the design and weight of the pillow filling. Fill weight is the number of ounces used to fill the pillow for a specific density; soft, medium, firm or extra firm.

Types according to the sleeping position:

We have different types of feather pillows according to the needs of each person.

  • Feather pillow to sleep on its side.

For this type of posture, you need to fill the area between the crown of the shoulder and the side of the head.  They usually need firm pillows or extra firm pillows.

  • Feather pillows to sleep upside down.

Many people who sleep face down support the chest in a part of the pillow. In this case, a medium pillow can be perfect.

However, depending on the area where the pillow is placed, it will have a different impact. If you mainly place only the head on the pillow, then a soft density pillow is ideal so as not to stretch the neck muscles.

  • Feather pillows to sleep on your back

If you sleep with the pillow directly under your neck or under the neck at the top of the shoulders, then you need a firmer pillow.

But if the posture is more with the pillow supporting only the head and less the shoulders, then it would take a medium pillow to keep the chin from being pushed towards your chest.

How to wash a feather pillow?

Washing feather pillows are easy. In fact, it is advisable to wash them so that they stay as soft as when they were new.

This type of feather pillows fit in any size washing machine and after washing they look like new. It is one of the benefits of natural materials that are used to fill feather and down pillows.

These natural fillers are special not only for support and softness but also for easy maintenance.  They can be washed and cleaned as often as necessary without worrying. Not only keeping the pillows clean is good for you, but washing them regularly extends the life of your pillow.

The key to washing the pillows is to get it completely rinsed (removing all the detergent) and completely dry, this will depend on its thickness and density.

Are the feather pillows good or bad?

The procedure of detaching feathers from birds is not violent. Although at present there are many synthetic materials that can emulate the feeling of feather pillows. So you should not feel guilty when buying one. To check the quality of the pillows you must analyze their origin and their benefits.

Do the feather pillows stink?

Feather pillows alone do not have a bad smell, but they can have a different scent. Some people claim that it is because they are animal feathers, however, this is not true.

The reason why feather pillows can have a bad smell is because of poor storage because they have been exposed to this smell before being packaged or because of the smell of the bags where they are stored.  Unfortunately, feathers absorb many essences. Even if you lie on them with a colony on your body, they probably absorb the scent.

Can the feather pillows be washed?

It is true that feather pillows absorb many odors, but just as they absorb them, they can easily be eliminated.

Most feather pillows can be washed in the washing machine, the important detail is in the drying process. Not all cushions can be dried in a dryer.

We recommend that you expose them to the sun, always taking into account the maximum temperature that the pillow can bear. The most essential is that the piece is completely dry because if it retains moisture inside, the feathers could be damaged or a very unpleasant smell of moisture would remain.

The feather pillows are very elegant and decorative accessories for our spaces, some even come with embroidery on the covers. In addition to looking beautiful, they improve the quality of sleep considerably.

There is nothing more pleasant than sleeping with a soft, cushioned pillow where you can lie down and rest completely. That’s why at Smart Consumer we’ve brought you the list of the best feather pillows, you just have to choose your favorite and enjoy a full and satisfying dream.


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