Heating your home in those cold winter months can be accomplished in many different ways. Even if you have a whole house heating system like a heat pump or other heating method, you may still want to add a system that can be used without electricity as a supplementary heat source.

Those who don’t have a whole house system are likely searching for an efficient way to heat their home. Choosing gas logs for your home can be a great way to heat an entire space, depending on the size, or add an extra heating method to a room in your home. There are many options when it comes to gas logs available for purchase.

Top 10 Gas Logs

The Technology behind Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts

Giving up the idea of a wood burning fireplace isn’t common to some people. But when you look up the numbers concerning efficiency, you will quickly fold and come to terms that a gas fireplace insert is likely the way to go. If you are still unsure, then you need to understand exactly how gas fireplace inserts work.

The best part is that the mechanism allows your unit to preserve all the hot air and sort of bring it to you. The fireplace will “control” the air by bringing in just as much oxygen needed for combustion. The unit is completely sealed and there’s also usually a glass panel on the front. This will prevent cold air from coming in when the fireplace is not in use. There are typically 3 sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Depending on the size of the room, getting a certain type of fireplace is in order. Measuring is also important so that all the gas and electric connections can be figured out. In general, you are looking at about 78% to 85% efficiency when you get one of the nicest gas fireplace inserts brands. Having a remote control is a luxury but it will really make a difference when it comes to the price.

Comparison to a Classic Fireplace

So you already have a fireplace at home. Why would you spend a 4-digit sum on an appliance which gets built-in the hole that you already have? Well, since we all have our particular needs it is better to find out for ourselves what exactly fireplace vs fireplace inserts mean. There’s no point in providing any more context as to why a gas stove insert for a fireplace is the way to go. Here are the main focal points of our comparison:

  1. No tending is required

Keeping the fire going steadily when using wood is something that requires some experience. With gas stove inserts even a child can control the intensity of the flames. The gas will flow steadily and regularly all the time until the tank is empty. The level of oxygen, cold drafts, and other similar things will not affect your fire. Also, logs will not burn away thus requiring even more attention.

  1. Hard fuel is not on your list

Speaking of logs, that’s something you don’t have to care about at all. You won’t have to cut, chop and sort and pieces of wood when you opt for a gas fireplace insert. Hauling, arranging and seasoning the logs is also a very unpleasant activity. Keep in mind that logs need to be very dry and this typically requires them to stay somewhere for at least 6 months. All you will have to do is replace one propane tank with another.

  1. Starting and putting off a fire is easy

No need to pile up pieces of paper, think about timber or any other necessities which come into play when you start an old-fashioned fire. In our case, everything happens at the push of a button. Gas fireplace inserts usually have a Piezo ignition which means you are starting the fire without any hassle.

  1. It’s clean

This might be one of the biggest blessings of gas fireplace inserts. With the exception of the annual inspection of the system, you have no other cleaning duties. Not only fireplaces but even the finest wood burning stoves will give you plenty to clean. You will have obligations related to taking the tray out after every use. Additionally, you will need to think about soot in the chimney. Fireplaces require impeccable flue and piping system so you need to clean messy areas often.

  1. Specific temperature isn’t an issue

When looking to maintain a certain value on the thermometer you simply need to adjust the thermostat. When you use real gas logs, you need to manually control the burning. It is also known that raging hot fires are not very efficient. Unfortunately, people often have little control over the strength of the fire when using logs.

  1. Efficiency is off the charts

Because the chimney is pretty wide and completely open, cold air will constantly make its way in when the fireplace isn’t working. On the other hand, this very chimney will also allow much of the “good” heat to escape through it. Gas fire inserts for existing fireplaces will trap the hot air in the room and will not be able to escape through the narrow flue system. Ventless inserts are even more productive giving you more than 70% efficiency. The good old fireplace which makes you feel cozy and makes reading a book in front of it a delight will provide you with only 15%-18% of efficiency.

  1. Place it in other rooms if you wish

Yes, an opening is required but you can still have a gas fireplace insert with a blower in any room you wish. This includes the bathroom as well. Since there is no smoke, no fumes, and no pollution, you can have this appliance in the most delicate premises. Even a basement is an option.

  1. Presence of a fire guard or glass doors

You will need to buy a fireplace cast iron screen separately when using a classic fireplace. In the instance where you get a gas insert, there will for sure be some sort of a built-in screen. It typically comes in the form of sealed glass doors. They aren’t only stylish but are exceptionally useful and functional. The doors will never get too hot to touch. This way children and pets will not be in danger of being burned. The doors will also prevent hot air from escaping the room and will stop any cool draft from entering through the venting system. We already cleared that up above.



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