Top 10 Home Security System

We live in rather dangerous times, and in such times you should spare no expense in trying to keep you and your loved ones safe. The world is filled with dangerous people. You would want to know how to keep this people away from your family, and a good way to do that is to use a home security camera system. This will help you keep an eye on the people lurking around your home. In situations where a theft occurs, having video evidence can be essential to the process of getting justice.

Features to Look For

Security cameras can have all kinds of features. You need to understand what features are available so that you can pick a camera that has the features you need on a daily basis.


As has been mentioned before, a security camera is a great resource if your house ever gets broken into. For this to work, you need to have the video stored somewhere. If you need a record of all activity around your house, get a security camera with storage capabilities, a wireless camera offers a live stream so it does not have any serious recording capabilities.

Remote access and control

Maximum security means being able to see your camera’s feed at all times. This is usually done through an app or program of some sort. Avoid security cameras that don’t offer remote access. The remote control is also appreciable, although cameras that offer you remote control will usually be quite expensive as compared to the regular variety that is on offer.


A lot of security cameras offer color video. This is more of a bonus than a requirement, and it’s up to you to decide whether you need color in your security camera feed or not. It is important to note that color often allows you to see important details in the security camera feed, although color cameras are more expensive than those that are black and white.

Color cameras come in different varieties too. Try to get a camera that offers real-life color if you want a color camera in the first place. This is the only useful way to get color in your security feed.

Motion detection

Since your security camera will have limited storage capacity if it has onsite storage at all, you will need to use it sparingly. Motion detection is a great way to make your camera turn on automatically if there is disturbance nearby. Your camera will be off if everything is still, which is not much of a security risk because anyone that comes close to your house will obviously be moving.

Low light functionality

Bullet cameras fulfill this criterion the best. Thermal cameras are better of course, but you will need a standard video feed as well and bullet cameras generally offer the best of both worlds. Low light functionality is not an absolute requirement, you need to understand your needs and figure out whether a low light functioning security camera is necessary.

Sound capabilities

This is another feature that is not exactly necessary but can often be helpful. There aren’t a lot of security cameras out there that can record sound, though, and it’s impossible to incorporate sound recording into a large scale security system. This is more for small scale systems, such as baby monitors and the like.

Image stabilization

This is one of those absolutely essential features that you should look into. Image stabilization is necessary because you can’t really do anything with a blurry image. Image stabilizers allow the image to stay clear at all times even if your camera is not in the most stable of positions. There are all kinds of disturbances that can occur, so image stabilization can help your camera stay useful in a lot of situations. You should only avoid image stabilization cameras if you are using the camera for casual surveillance.


Security cameras are generally outdoors, and the weather can wreak all kinds of havoc if your camera is not built to withstand it. Bullet cameras are once again the best at dealing with rough weather. Overall durability is also a concern, but unless someone directly attacks your camera it is unlikely that you will have to worry about that. Focus on getting a camera that can withstand rough weather and you will be good to go.



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