This article is based on my personal experience and also on statistics that I handled when I worked in a computer store. By the way, if you want to save some money, buy it without software and then the software you can buy much cheaper at The License Store.

So with those 2 premises, I’ll tell you what are the best brands of laptops so you can make a good decision when buying a laptop.

Top 10 Laptop Brands

What brand of laptop to buy according to your budget

If you have a low budget, I would go for a Lenovo or Toshiba and with a higher budget, I would choose Asus or Apple.

Performance of laptop brands

For my experience a MacBook Pro or an Asus Zenbook is superior to its competitors, yes, you have to pay, we are talking about laptops of more than 1,500 euros.

Laptop recommendations

Choosing a laptop is a really tedious task, apart from having dozens of brands in the market, each brand has hundreds of different models with prices ranging from 200 euros to 4,000. So, what laptop should you buy?

Apart from buying a reliable brand, you should be very clear so that you will use the laptop. A part has to keep in mind that not all laptops of a brand are equally good or bad, for example, the HP Envy is a real wonder. I want to make a small recommendation according to the use you are going to give your new laptop.

Basic Use

If you are going to use the laptop to read mail, enter social networks, listen to music, watch movies on Netflix, do some video conferencing than another, in addition to using Word and Excel, I recommend a basic laptop with which you can do these tasks quickly and without any problem.

Exactly the model that I recommend is the ASUS Vivobook MAX P541NA-GQ480T  because it has a great price and more than enough features to do these tasks fluidly.

Standard laptops

It is an acceptable computer to work, navigate quietly and enjoy the viral of the moment, socialize in networks and even play with them. We speak, generally, of a size of between 12 and 17 inches, and 2 to 3 kilograms of weight. If what you intend is to perform all these tasks without great pretensions, you can be your key model.Ultraportables

They are the finest in the market, so to speak, and light (they do not reach 2 kilograms, and their screens range from 11 to 15 inches). The ultrabook pc Scrolls comfortably, by weight, so they are perfect for independent people who move a lot, travel even more. They can boast of autonomy since they offer more than 20 hours thanks to their low consumption components. If you walk all day in the street, as it says, have a powerful and durable battery is your thing.

Small laptops

They like it a lot since they are transportable because of their lightness and they occupy little space, which is no nonsense at the time of Diogenes like these. With a RAM of 2 GB and an 11-inch screen, they pull enough so that the person does not make a large outlay. They are not suitable, yes, for those who need it for long days of work. 

Portable gaming

Unlike the ultralight ones, these Lenovo carrefour devices have less autonomy, and there’s no need for them, really. These are computers to play, however, of greater weight and entity than the previous ones, given the high graphics demands that are asked, reflected mostly in their screens (resolution, response time, refresh rate). 

An important element is its inputs (USB, peripherals), as well as good wireless networks. Its medium-high range means that they are not, precisely, the best cheap laptops.

Overall score and conclusion

First of all, we have the first level brands. These include Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, and Toshiba. These brands offer products that are well designed and reliable, as well as good customer service.

Below that we have a second level of brands. These include brands such as HP, Dell, Samsung, and Acer /Gateway. These brands are not always able to offer the best products, but they do excel in certain markets. Reliability and customer service tends to be regular or bad.

In the rear, we have MSI and Fujitsu. These brands offer attractive products and are generally only able to compete on the basis of value, in any case. You may be able to find a quality laptop from these manufacturers, but more often the best brand of laptop is found elsewhere.


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