The Toyota Prius is a pretty common sight nowadays among car enthusiasts. Everything from the electric suspension to the thunderous metal chassis has us smiling from ear to ear. But with such a unique car, the parts and tires will be even rarer. We feel that tires optimized for the Toyota Prius are increasingly hard to find. Which is why we picked out the 10 best tires for the Toyota Prius to buy in 2019.

Take a look at our list, and pick out the one which suits you. These 10 tires have been handpicked from some of the world’s greatest brands, and are surely the utter best.

Top 10 Tires For Prius

Toyota Prius Tires Buying Guide

Dimensions and Aspect Ratio

Have you ever wondered what those markings on your tire’s sideline mean? Many people don’t know. They represent the thickness, aspect ratio, arrangement type, radius, weight load index, and speed rating of the tire. For Prius, typically a width of 195 is optimal, although some may argue that 205 and even 225 fits. But the most average and common choice are 195 mm.

The aspect ratio that fits the Prius is usually up to you. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the height of the sideline to the width of the tire. So a 55 aspect ratio means that the height is 55% of the width. The most optimal choice is a width of 195 mm and an aspect ratio of 65% or 55%.

The arrangement of almost every tire is radial, which means that the rubber is laid out in layers. The radius of the tire differs from wheel to wheel, but ideally, 16 or 15 inches does the trick. A tire which is too big for the car can pose a few problems. Depending on your requirements, you may or may not want to keep some space between the tire and the rim.

Speed Index and Weight Load Index

The speed index is a letter which denotes the maximum speed that the tire can attain without wearing easily. The speed rating starts from Q and ends at Y, with the exception of X. The weight load index is an index which denotes how much weight each tire can efficiently withstand.

The speed and weight indexes for the Toyota Prius vary depending on your use. If you want to use the Prius for traveling and regular day-to-day work, then the speed index should be low (ideally S or T), and the weighted index should be medium or medium-high (800-1000). This would mean that the car does not gain too much speed and can carry a lot of passengers in it.

For performance or racing cars, the speed index should be higher (H, V, or above). The weighted index should be medium or lower. Most Toyota Prius tires’ weight load index doesn’t go any lower than 800. This allows the car to reach incredible speeds without causing any harm to the tire.

Tread Pattern

Tread pattern is also very important. A tire with long deep ribs and sipes will give better grip but also accumulate more water, mud, and snow. Look for ridges which are deep as well as wide. This will ensure traction and grounding as well as water resistance. The tread should be optimized for all temperatures, ideally cold and hot both.


We highly recommend that you consult with our list of top 10 best tires for Toyota Prius and check out which tire fits your needs. Most of these tires are for tourism, but a lot of them are available for performance cars too.

Nevertheless, we believe that your choice is always the right one. So remember to never go over budget, and keep on driving safely!


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