10 Best Pressure Cooker Consumer Reports 2019 – Top Rated

A pressure cooker is an essential kitchen utensil today for fast cooking but maintaining the properties of food, especially for making dishes that require a long cooking time. But which pressure cooker to buy from such a variety in the market of brands, models, and products?

On this occasion, we have brought you a buying guide, with the best options based on its value for money, but we anticipate that, within the list of best pressure cookers on the market, our first choice is the WMF pot Perfect, made of stainless steel, and secondly the 6-liter Kuhn Rikon Duromatic pot .

Top 10 Pressure Cooker

What is the best pressure cooker in the market?

The purchase of a good pressure cooker is an important investment, which will end up making your life easier. So that you can have a good choice, we give you a series of tips for your purchase, which can serve as a guide to buy the best pressure cooker at the moment.

What to consider before buying a pressure cooker?

In fact, it is suitable for foods that require a long stay in the fire – such as risottos, grilled meats or broths – by virtue of the fact that the temperature of the water, with the vapor pressure retained by the pot, arrives at 120 ° C – 130 ° C instead of the traditional 100 ° C. Bad evaporation and cooking in its own liquid, allows these foods to better preserve the original flavor and nutrients.

Cooking food in a pressure cooker is a topic that will be discussed later. What is now important to highlight are the characteristics of this pot, a pot that, although similar to the traditional one, has two substantial differences . First, the body is robust and made of stainless steel or thick aluminum, and the bottom is triple, consisting of three layers of aluminum, to promote better heat distribution and prevent food from sticking.

Secondly, the stainless steel lid is a “special” lid with a tight seal – by virtue of a silicone or rubber gasket, which guarantees perfect adhesion to the edges of the pot – capable of retaining steam inside.

There are two valves on the lid, the operation valve, also known as the vent valve, which allows steam to escape, thus limiting excessive pressure, and the safety valve, whose operation “fits” in case of blockage or obstruction of The first valve.

How does it work?

The pressure cooker is not complicated to use, it is an unquestionable help for those who want to “honor” the flavors of good food, but have little time to spend in the kitchen. It is also a tool that respects the needs of modern nutrition, based on health, taste, and lightness.

This is possible thanks to the elements that make up the pressure cooker and the operating principles that distinguish it. The first point has already been illustrated. Now we treat the second one, and then we expose in detail, during the treatment, the steps to follow for adequate use of the pot object of this treatment.

Advantages of fast pressure cookers

As already mentioned, the pressure cooker accelerates cooking times considerably, allowing the preparation of healthy and tasty dishes. Especially suitable for foods that need to be cooked for a long time, such as legumes, cereals or stews, reduces cooking time to less than half, or even a third of the time, with undoubted and reliable advantages.

These advantages translate into savings that benefit not only the domestic economy – in terms of work relief – but also the environment since less fuel is consumed both to bring the water to a boil and to keep it in that state.

And again, using the pressure cooker, you are completely “entrusted” with the task of cooking, without the need for any special attention, if not the initial ones, relative to the first minutes of cooking, so that you are ready for it minimize heat when the valve starts to sound.

The cooking is completely uniform, with the consequence that even the food will have much more homogeneous cooking than that achieved with traditional pots. Thanks to the excellent materials used, the pot in question allows a better distribution of heat and the preservation of cooking liquids inside, as well as the vapors, aromas and smells that emanate from food.


The one that illustrated how the advantage of the pressure cooker – the “delegation” of the cooking load – can result at the same time at a point against, especially for those who want to control, during the cooking of food, what is “Happening” in the pot. And in this case, you can only count on your own experience and the help of a stopwatch.

Another consideration, in terms of disadvantages, refers to cooking times: it is true that they are shorter, but they must be calculated perfectly since even 2 or 3 more minutes translate into burned or overcooked food.

The pressure cooker has a higher price – not affordable for all budgets – than the classic pot. And it requires regular maintenance. Finally, not all foods can be cooked with this type of pot: we can mention fresh or sprouted legumes or foods that require a very short cooking time, such as vegetables and zucchini, or even heat-sensitive fats, like sunflower oil.


We have noted before that one of the points that are not really in favor of the pressure cooker is its maintenance, which, although simple, must be carried out with care and perseverance. Maintenance is especially important in the case of valves, which must always be clean and free of foreign substances to ensure the proper functioning of the pressure cooker.


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