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Senate & House can’t agree on toll funding solution

When a bill unanimously passes the House and then unanimously passes the Senate, it should become law, right?

NC House unanimously votes for I77 cancellation fund amendment

In a stunning development, the NC House today approved an I77 reserve fund in a unanimous 113-0 vote.

The Legislature, the Budget, and I-77 Tolls

Is there a way to fund contract cancellation costs and get approval from the legislature? Possibly, but like everything with this project, it won’t be easy. Background Transportation projects are scored and ranked under a process called the Strategic Transportation Initiative (STI). Those that score high enough receive funding. If STI funds were used to

Undoing the “Done Deal”

WidenI77 handout front Undoing a Done Deal WidenI77 handout back Undoing a Done Deal We will broadcast our live presentation — Undoing the “Done Deal” — via WI77’s Facebook page tonight.  Thanks for your attendance! We ask your support in emailing our elected and appointed officials.  Encourage them to Complete & Delete or Complete &

WI77 Candidate Survey

Earlier this month, Widen I-77 emailed candidates a brief survey to educate voters on the candidates position regarding the I77 toll project.  Below are the results.  A couple of observations: 1) None of the NC North Mecklenburg candidates responded 2) One Iredell candidate (Vickie Sawyer) responded 3) About half of the Mecklenburg At-Large Commissioner candidates

NC Supreme Court Declines WI77 Appeal

Marking the end of the legal effort to stop the I-77 toll project, last Friday the NC Supreme Court announced they have declined to hear our appeal. We are obviously disappointed with this latest development and the results of our legal efforts.  The courts have consistently sent the message that the I77 toll issue is

Charlotte votes for $300M double “bridge to nowhere”

Question: If CRTPO says there’s no money to widen I-77 through LKN, how can they find $300M for a Bridge to Nowhere? Answer: they can find the money if Charlotte wants it. That’s what happened at last night’s Charlotte Regional Transportation Organization (CRTPO) meeting. CRTPO approved a resolution to designate the Catawba River Crossing corridor

Widen I-77 Comes to Mooresville…

Appeals Courts Decision

Today the North Carolina Appeals Court provided their written opinion on our lawsuit.  In summary, the court found that: (1) delegating the unfettered right to set tolls to a private company on public infrastructure is an appropriate delegation of authority; (2) 50 years of private tolling serves a public purpose; (3) the project does not

Rally at the Bridge this Friday!

Yes, the toll lanes are under construction but the efforts to terminate the contract continue on multiple fronts.  The decision on Widen I-77’s lawsuit appeal is scheduled for next month. The contract is undergoing two independent reviews, and elected leaders everywhere realize tolls are a losing issue. This Friday marks the third year we have