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Complete the on-line petition –  As of August 1, we reached the initial goal, so we have created a duplicate petition so we can accept more signatures.

Download and sign (and get your neighbors to sign) a petition here:

Petition to STOP toll roads V3

Please email and someone will respond with information to get the forms in to us.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    This stretch of I77 needs to widen with State funding. Charlotte is the largest city in NC and tax payers should not have to pay to use the lanes. I’m tired of hear NC DOT officials say toll lanes are the only way to widen I77. We pay these people to provide solutions. Get it done or get out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let’s build tolls!!

  4. Jim Carlyle says:

    When will politicians wake up and start listening to the people they represent and forget about the government employees. Taxpayers pay their salaries and the politicians. I am too old to be affected. However, my children and theirs will have the burden of the colossal mistakes made today. How could anyone with an ounce of brain power be in favor of a toll road.

  5. troyison says:

    Why is this not on Why is this a print out and sign petition? This way of doing this is outdated and is likely one of the reasons the opposition is laughing in your faces. Move into the 21st Century and make this accessible to more people than the ones seeing it after a piece of paper is put under their noses.

    No, I hate the idea of toll lanes on a road that is already a mess because of poor planning, but printing out a petition and carrying it door to door is doomed to failure. Use the Internet, use the technology. People RARELY even know their neighbors anymore, much less knock on their door to get a signature.

  6. nozebleed says:

    Great, i sign the petition, and they try to get me to sign 4 petitions all dealing with obamao and his destruction of America. I dont see this petition going very far, especially with what we have learned the past few weeks.

  7. Greg gift says:

    No tolls
    No Tom till is

  8. H. Curtis Needham says:

    I oppose the toll road. I do not believe the toll road will solve the traffic problem.

  9. jillmarie says:

    We should not have to pay for toll roads. Give US more general purpose lanes

  10. lucinda heavlin says:

    Please stop the toll roads.

  11. Please stop the toll lanes

  12. Keep working to fight I77 toll Lanes


    So your taxes pays to have the roads built and repaired and now you have to pay to drive on the same roads you help pay for. Who in there right mind would want toll roads it makes no common sense to have toll roads BUT GOOD COMMOM SENSE IS HARD TO COME BUY THESE DAYS

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